Self Propelled Sprayers

Bargam Grimpeur J 4000
Mechanical drive with tank sizes 3500 and 4000lt. Booms from 24m to 36m.

Bargam Grimac J Series
Hydrostatic drive from 3000lt 3500lt & 4000lt 24m to 36m.

Bargam Grimac JR Series
Hydrostatic Drive with 1600lt tank capacity. Booms from 12m to 24m.

Bargam Grimpeur JR Series
Mechanical drive with 2500 to 3000lt tanks. Booms from 20m to 24m.

Bargam Mac SJ Series
Hydrostatic self propelled sprayer.  5200lt 36m, 40m, 42m booms.

Bargam Grimac ES Series
Hydrostatic drive with tanks from 2500 to 3000lt. Booms from 20m to 28m