Special BDL Range

The Special BDL sprayer is a very popular sprayer, with tank sizes of 1100 & 1300 litres. The BDL hydraulic folding boom is available 18m to 24m with triple jets mounted on stainless steel boom lines, the boom frame totally encloses the nozzle body giving total nozzle protection. The 15 – 18m boom has 2 stage folding out 10m and then to 15 – 18m. The 20/21/24m booms fold to 12m and then to full width and pigtail springs “kick” the boom ends up if the operator makes a mistake.

Boom airo suspension is optional, it is a unique system, that carries the whole weight of the boom on air cushions to give an unequalled boom ride

All BDL booms can be offered with independent folding and full boom geometry, on request.

Special BDL sprayers are all fitted with chemical mixer tank (which lowers down to a suitable working height when filling), container washers, in field tank cleaning system, self filler hose, quick attach lower linkage and full electric controls as standard.

Computer, Foam marker, Line purge, Boom air suspension, Boom geometry and independent fold are optional.

Standard Spec

  • 1000ltr or 1300ltr Total Emptying Tank
  • Strong Painted Chassis & Frame
  • Full Rinse System
  • Tank Washers
  • Full Electric Controls
  • Tri Jets
  • Stainless Steel Lines
  • Line Filters
  • Road Lighting Kit
  • 4 Cyl 180lt/min Diaphragm Pump
  • Quick Attach Lower linkage
  • Chemical Induction Hopper
  • Hand Wash
  • Clothing Locker
  • End Jet Protection Panels (standard for 2011)
  • Requires 2 Spool Valves (1 spool when fitted with electro Hydraulics)

Optional Extras

  • BRAVO 180 Spray Computer
  • BRAVO 400 Spray Computer with Full GPS
  • Hyd Boom Tilt
  • Electro Hyd Boom Tilt
  • Variable Boom Geometry
  • (includes electro hydraulics for all boom functions on the sprayer)
  • Airo Boom Suspension (for 18 to 21m boom)
  • Airo Boom Suspension (for 24m boom)
  • Foam Marker
  • GPS Guidance System (Mapping with colour screen)
  • Bubble Jets per metre
  • Line Purge Boom Recirculation system

Rate Controller Options