Bargam Grimac JR Series

The Bargam Grimac JR Series is our smallest agricultural self propelled sprayer.  The machine is fitted with a 122hp Deutz Tier4 engine.  It has 2 tank sizes of either 1300lt or 1600lt. The maximum boom size is 24m. An air sleeve can be fitted up to 15m.

The cab is quiet (even more so as the engine is rear mounted). The machine is hydrostatically driven by 4 wheels motors. Selectable 4 wheel steer is controlled by a floor switch and a road speed of 40kph also feature. The machine has hydropneumatic suspension on the front and Airo boom suspension at the rear.  

It is light too, coming in at under 4000kg. Available with hydraulic axle adjust for different wheel track widths which is controlled from the cab.  

GPS controllers by either ARAG or MUELLER are available, with other extras like auto boom height control and other modern sophisticated features are all available. This machine uses the same technology that we have on our larger models, so reliability is up there with our larger machines where some customers are doing 1500hrs per year +.

This machine has been sold in other countries around the world for the past 5 years. The first machine in the UK is operating in Lincolnshire and was delivered in March 2017.

Standard Spec

Deutz 122HP 4 cylinder turbo charged tractor engine

  • 4 wheel drive hydrostatic drive system
  • 4 Hydrostatic speeds.
  • 40 Kph
  • Hydraulic power steering system with 4 steering driving wheels.
  • Negative brakes
  • Self-adjusting shock absorber suspension on front axle
  • Ground clearance 1000mm.
  • Polyethylene tank 1600lt
  • Air-conditioned ROPS Driver’s cab with activated carbon filter, pneumatic seat and stereo system with extra sound proofing.
  • Steel Fully Hydraulic boom at all sizes from 12m to 24m with Independent boom fold, folds and sprays to 7m when half folded
  • Trijet jets
  • Lift Mast hydraulic height adjustment.
  • Boom electro-hydraulic control with joystick.
  • Standard Mueller Controller TOUCH 800
  • High Quality powerful 30 Litres mixer hopper equipped with high pressure can washer.
  • 130ltr Clear water tank with system cleaning device.
  • 250lt/min Diaphragm pump for spraying and agitation and filling
  • Indicator kit for diaphragm damage and oil leakage.
  • Clean Water to Induction Hopper when filling
  • Hydraulic ladder.
  • Weight: 3600Kg’s Unladen – Weight Distribution 50% – 50%
  • Boom stabilizing kit
  • 230 95 R32 Wheels – gives high clearance and superb traction