Bargam Grimac ES Series

The latest Grimac ES Series is a fully hydrostatic machine offering 1.2m un obstructed under axle clearance. Why is it better than other machines in its class? Wheel size! Other hydrostatic machines have small diameter wheels giving a far higher weight concentration on the ground! If you want to handle different terrain successfully, tall wheels are essential! Also standard is the SRS anti skid system which is intelligent traction control, giving a true 4×4 system to a hydrostatic machine. This helps in both up hill and down hill situations, as well as wet conditions.

The machine features a category 4 pressurised cab which is one of the best on the sprayer market. Climate control, refrigerated cool box and smart, ergonomic console, connected to a high back Air sprung seat. There are no rear corner pillars giving excellent boom visibility.

The machine is powered by a 4 cylinder 170hp FPT tractor engine, giving unrivalled power and torque. Adblue Tier4B Final (Euro5) technology is now here to stay, so this machine ticks all the boxes and is future proof with regard to emissions.  Engine and transmission management is automatic. In the field, the machine decides engine rpm according to power requirement and it is very good at it!  Cruise control is also standard, so you can set the cruise speed and the machine will hold that speed, increasing the engine rpm as required, without increasing the forward speed, therefore keeping consistent spraying speed and minimizing changes in pressures  

The standard machine starts with a 2500lt tank with an option of a 3000lt tank. Booms are up to 24m with the possibility of 28m in the future. Variable boom geometry is standard. Recirculating booms can be added as well as a full GPS system. We can fit ARAG, MUELLER or TRIMBLE systems to our machines.

It weighs in at 6500kg unladen. With the standard wheel size, it it quite light on its feet!  

Standard Spec

  • 170 hp 4 cylinder turbocharged tractor engine (this is an important, as other small machines have smaller road vehicle type engines which do not have the torque for agricultural spraying) TIER 4
  • Hydrostatic drive 
  • Load sensing self adjusting suspension
  • Floor switch steering control for 4 wheel steer
  • Crab steer
  • SRS anti skid traction control
  • 45 kph road speed
  • Air Conditioning
  • CD player
  • GPS Section control and mapping is standard 
  • Boom electro-hydraulic control with joystick
  • Boom Sections on Joystick
  • High Quality powerful 30 Litres mixer hopper equipped with high pressure can washer.
  • 250ltr Clear water tank with system cleaning device
  • Diaphragm pump for spraying and agitation 250lt (others available)
  • Indicator kit for diaphragm damage and oil leakage
  • Clean Water to Induction Hopper
  • Hydraulic ladder.
  • Boom stabilizing kit
  • 270 95 R44 Wheels – gives high clearance and superb traction
  • CAT 4 Pressurised Cab (standard)
  • 2500lt or 3000lt tank
  • 24m Boom
  • 600mm wrap around mud gaurds
  • Electronic tank control always displaying live tank content (incl chemical)
  • Choice of Rate controller by ARAG or MUELLER or TRIMBLE


  • Pneumatic nozzles with pressure boom recirculation
  • Seletron Individual nozzle control (Arag controller only)
  • GPS auto steering
  • 9 boom sections or more
  • Blue beam 1010 LED boom spray lights
  • Auto boom height control
  • 3000lt tank
  • pump stop when tank level reached pre programmed content when filling
  • In cab controlled cleaning system
  • larger pump
  • hydraulic wheel changing jack
  • in cab controlled track width adjustment
  • LGP wheels