Bargam Mac SJ Series

The Bargam MAC SJ Series has hydrostatic drive with all the traction, reliability and simplicity associated with quality hydraulic drive systems. Better than this, with right size floatation wheels. 4 wheel steer is selected by a floor switch for speed and ease when turning. Cab visibility is superb, Air conditioning, carbon filters, C D player, pneumatic seat are all standard.

The new cab (CAT4 Pressurised) has taken sprayers to a new level for cab comfort, quietness and superior ergonomics. There are no rear corner pillars to increase boom visibility. A stunning layout of simple quality switches with a digital display for engine rpm, fuel level and system monitoring help to make the operators day that bit easier!  The Mueller / Bargam, or Arag controller makes spraying effortless. One system to control the sprayer, all the GPS functions, variable rate application and auto height control. One box that does everything!

SRS antislide are a standard feature, this works like electronic traction control. All-round axle suspension which is load sensing is fitted as standard. The machine is using the MHP series 20 wheel motors, making it the best wheel motor for steep terrain. It has a 280hp 6 cylinder FPT engine which gives more than enough horse power especially on steep hills and can travel up to 50k on the road.

Why is the MAC SJ better than a lot of other hydrostatic machines? Because it has a large diameter wheel fitted.  People talk of problems with wheel motors ~ these problems mainly come from one reason!  The answer – too small diameter wheels on a large machine!  A motor is designed so the weight is carried dead centre an not off set.  If the wheel diameter is small, the motor cannot be installed within the wheel dish and putting the weight in the right position on the wheel motor bearing.  A tall wheel makes this easy and therefore, far more reliable!  If you look at the class leading machines on the world market – all have a tall wheel!  This is for 2 reasons!

1. For the information above!
2. A tall wheel ALWAYS travels better! 

The latest machines are all coming with ECO drive and Cruise control. This has also given a system that automatically controls the drive and the engine RPM simultaneously. This saves fuel and give a smooth and uncomplicated drive.  In the field, if 12kph is set, and you come to a hill, the RPM may change and the oil flow to the drive increase, but the speed will remain at 12kph, the machine simply sorts it all out!  The engine is an FPT 230hp Tier4B Final (Euro5) engine. 

Boom functions which consist of independent boom arm geometry, independent boom section folding and parallel lift arm height adjustment are also mounted on the joystick. The SL boom normally fitted to the MAC range was designed for working in Australia and Russia where the average spraying speed is around 20k, this is why each boom arm is independently sprung, as well as the whole boom being sprung on the parallelogram lift.  The boom main fold rams are in the “closed” position when the boom is open, effectively doubling the strength. The SL Boom is available up to a width of 32m.

We also offer a great tri fold 28m to 36m, 40m and 42m boom which folds to 12, 24 and 36m. or 28/24/12m  or 30/32/24/12. Variable geometry and independent boom arm suspension is standard.

This machine is now 280hp standard with a Tier4B Final (euro5) Adblue engine.